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VIDEO – The model and presenter of “Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body” explains not considering having plastic surgery in a podcast.

Adriana Karembeu is this week’s podcast guest Current Women . The opportunity for the model and presenter to open up about her relationship to age. “I saw my first wrinkle, I was 40 years old. And I didn’t like it. She was very small, but she was there. she confides. Its beauty is recognized worldwide. But not only. Adriana Karembeu has become one of the faces of French television. She presented since 2012 “The extraordinary powers of the human bodyon France 2 alongside Michel Cymes.

A show that “changed my life”, she believes. The world of health, Adriana Karembeu knows it well. Her mother is a doctor and before treading the catwalks, she had started studying medicine in Prague. It was at this time that she was spotted by a headhunter who took her to Paris to start her modeling career. Over the filming of the medical show, she operates with her ex-husband, André Ohanian, progressive changes in their lifestyle and their diet. “This show educated me”she analyzes today.


Her beauty secret? “I do a lot of sport. I said to myself, I will invest in gentle methods. I do it six times a week. I started two years ago, my body has changed. It’s something you have to do when you start to get old.”, says Adriana Karembeu enthusiastically at the microphone of the podcast. For now, cosmetic surgery is not an option being considered.

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On the contrary, today aged 51, she advocates self-acceptance: “I think you have to accept the age. And accepting age does not mean that we are unhappy, that we end up in the trash. No. You can fall in love at 50, you can have a wonderful family life, you can be happy even if you’re single. Even if we have glitches in our life, we try to be happy, to see friends… If we cry because we are 50, 60 or 70 years old… That’s where we miss precious moments”.

She then reveals that she is not a big consumer of beauty products. “Apparently you have to start at 30. The day before yesterday, I did the second facial treatment of my life. It was good and the skin on my face felt really good afterwards. I admit that I should have done it before. But I didn’t have time, I didn’t think. When you’re young, you don’t think about it.”she continues.

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