Bruno Sanches, the hard worker of the small screen

PORTRAIT – The actor in the cast of the France 2 series is also currently on Arte in Canis Familiaris and soon in season 3 ofHPI with Audrey Fleurot.

I promise you, HPI or The school of lifeBruno Sanches has become an essential face of French fiction. His popularity, he owes it to the duo Catherine and Liliane that he formed with Alex Lutz, this comic duo of editorial secretaries who took up residence on Canal+ in 2012. Since then, they have been touring with relish, for our greatest pleasure.

He began his career at just 9 years old, shooting commercials. “It happened a bit by chance”, confides to us Bruno Sanches who does not imagine at this time to make it his job “when he grows up”. In his family, no one has any contact in the cinema or television. Her mother is a housekeeper and her father is a sales manager. “We surveyed Paris, we got a lot of tricks”, he remembers. “Gradually, we learned from our mistakes and we did real castings”, he adds. At school, Bruno Sanches is not a very good student. He obtained his baccalaureate with difficulty, but supported by his parents, he finally decided to fully embrace the profession of actor.

Soon in an action movie

He dabbles in all genres. The humour, the drama, the detective… It’s hard work: “I love being on a set too much. There, for example, I have nothing planned in May and June, it freaks me out a bit”. A prolific actor, he says he has “want to test everything, to do everything”. However, he admits his preference for dramatic comedy. The only difficulty is to combine family life and the life of an artist: “The real concern is to be a little far from his children in fact and from his wife, finally from his companion because she is not my wife, we do not belong to each other. Sometimes I take them with me”.

In The school of life, Bruno Sanches embodies a sports education teacher, Léo Costa. If there is a third season, he hopes viewers will know a bit more about his character. “Leo Costa is there for others, but we never ask him how he is. I would like us to ask him a little how he is. he remarks. While waiting to know the fate reserved for the series co-produced by Nagui, there is no shortage of projects. He is made up as a dog in the conceptual fiction of Arte Canis Familiaris and it will be from May 11, 2023 in the third season ofHPI , still alongside Audrey Fleurot and Mehdi Nebbou. In addition, he is soon filming an action film directed by Arthur Sanigou. The opportunity to put his passion for martial arts to good use.

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