Christine Haas’ predictions for March 2023

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March 21 – April 20

1er decan: more Jupiter on the horizon, but the best comes with the entry of Pluto into Aquarius on the 23rd. This is a huge change, which will manifest in you until January 2030. Little by little, without really noticing it , you will create a very interesting relational network.

2e decan : your turn to receive Jupiter, which you have already felt for some time. Either you are entitled to its lucky, expansive side which indicates success, or a promotion, a transfer, or on the contrary you are annoyed by legal and administrative problems that take your mind.

3e decan: until the 25th, you will still be entitled to the nervous impulses of Mars in Gemini. They won’t be dynamic enough for you, the impatience will be there and some of you will definitely feel like you’re rowing in the sand. The fault will be the Mars/Neptune dissonance the week of the 13th.


April 21 – May 20

1er decan: two planets change sign, Saturn and Pluto. Mastodons! Saturn will probably make you want to take a step back and reflect on Pluto’s obligation to clean up your ideas and especially in the way you conceive of your relationships with others.

2e decan : Uranus, planet of revolutions and freedom is still with you until the end of May. It will be positively activated by the Sun the first ten days of the month and you will have a little rebellious side that can destabilize your relationship, or at least one of them, with a parent or superior.

3e decan: exit Saturn, and soon (in May) Uranus which will help you clean up. This month, take advantage of the good influx of Neptune, especially the week of the 13th. You will be happy to be able to help a friend, or you will need a helping hand. You should not hesitate to ask.


May 21 – June 21

1er decan: long live Pluto, planet of rebirth! It begins a good aspect with your decan until 2030, and each in turn you will have the possibility of developing skills of which you are absolutely unaware at the moment. Unless some go abroad. A reboot?

2e decan : it is now up to you to receive the good influxes of Jupiter (until April 4). It is, with this planet, to enjoy or to make a profit. An association could be on the program, unless you integrate a group, a troop, or that you take the head of a service.

3e decan: Mars is with you and finds itself “attacked” by Neptune (especially the week of the 13th). Be philosophical because nothing will work, you will have the impression of giving the maximum to achieve nothing concrete. Do not lose heart, Mars will finally leave you (after 7 months) on March 25th.


June 22 – July 22

1er decan: Pisces rules and gives you energy to develop a new product, or develop yourself. But it will certainly be a little time-consuming, at least that’s what Saturn says, which also enters Pisces on the 7th. Unless trips take you far from home.

2e decan : Jupiter transits your professional sector all month long. This can be both positive and upsetting. On the positive side, you will have the chance to climb a level, or obtain recognition. On the negative, a dispute risks going to trial, but it has been underway for months.

3e decan: the good news is that Pluto no longer opposes you and that you will be able to take advantage of a freedom that is yet to be conquered, but which is indeed reaching out to you. We’ll talk about this at the end of May when Uranus begins a good aspect with you (18 months, 2 years).


July 23 – August 23

1er decan: the event of the month is the entry of Pluto into Aquarius, the sign that faces you on the wheel of the zodiac. You may discover you a potential unexpressed until then, and it will be through a relationship, someone who will serve as your mentor, whom you will admire and who will strongly stimulate you.

2e decan : your turn to receive a good aspect from Jupiter (until April 4) and to be highly regarded by your relatives, your hierarchy and even by people outside your usual circle. A particular event might feature you, something that you have achieved.

3e decan: good news, Saturn leaves the opposition of your sign, Aquarius, from where it sent you somewhat negative waves at times, especially in the relational field. That of the couple for some, of an association or a group for others. Nothing turned out the way you expected.


August 24 – September 23

1er decan: it is the entry of Saturn into Pisces, your opposite and complementary sign, which is the highlight of this month. There can be very contradictory events depending on your theme: a significant and constructive meeting for some, or a questioning of the couple for others.

2e decan : the good aspect that Uranus sends you will be activated this month by the Sun of Pisces. It will be between 1er and March 9 and you will feel more free than ever to express your opinions, assert yourself in your work, and even in your friends or family.

3e decan: this month, it is the Sun of Pisces which will be conjunct Neptune and will face you. There is certainly an awareness to operate the week of the 13th, concerning your relationship with the other and the dependence which is yours – or that of the other. From June you will be able to make changes.


September 24 – October 23

1er decan: an important change in the sky for this month of March: the entry on the 23rd of Pluto into Aquarius, where the planet will be in harmony for many years. Without realizing it, you will take the lead, you may even know a resounding success in the years to come, and in a creative field.

2e decan : it is now your turn to receive the opposition of Jupiter, which can be positive for some and less easy for others. On the positive side: association, marriage, important contract and on the negative side there is the risk of a lawsuit, a disagreement with a partner or your spouse.

3e decan: Mars will be your ally until the 25th, its energies should allow you to fight for your ideas and opinions, not without encountering some problems. Beware of slander, false good ideas and, sometimes, the duplicity of some who you thought were honest people.


October 24 – November 22

1er decan: Saturn begins a good aspect with you from the 7th, it is the guarantee for you to impose yourself, or to impose your ideas in the activity which is yours. You won’t notice it right away because you’ll progress quite slowly, but you’ll build a solid reputation.

2e decan : it is the influxes of Jupiter in Aries that you will feel the most and in principle they will have the function of widening your field of action in your activities. Your abilities will be recognized, your methods will be appreciated by all and you will be trusted to develop what you do.

3e decan: Mars ends its course in Gemini on the 25th, and will enter friend Cancer. Until then, its dissonance with Neptune risks throwing trouble on a money affair. Be suspicious, avoid any form of scheming or scheming involving money. It may indeed not turn out as expected.


November 23 – December 21

1er decan: two planets will impose themselves on you, Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius. The latter will certainly bring you a lot of new knowledge in the coming years, but you must first go through Saturn and a return to the past, necessary for understanding the present.

2e decan : no more obstacles related to Mars, on the contrary, Jupiter will make your life easier throughout this month. Create, initiate, shine, these are the possibilities available to you and we can bet that you will be able to take the right risks at the right time and that you will only have to congratulate yourself. You will get recognition.

3e decan: you are not in the same boat, because of the dissonance between Mars and Neptune, active the week of the 13th. team of broken arms. You can sweep it all away next month.


December 22 – January 20

1er decan: Saturn, your ruling planet, is starting a good aspect with you from the sign of Pisces this month – and it will last all year. An atmosphere as you like them, constructive, rigorous, and which takes into account the achievements of the past as much as those of the present. An apprenticeship may be on the menu.

2e decan : from 1er at 9, you will know how to make something new with something old, or you will discover a potential that you have not explored until now. But Jupiter also indicates that some will think of moving, or that a change could occur within the family: a marriage, the arrival of a child.

3e decan: the week of the 13th is likely to be restless in general, but the situation will have a positive effect on you. Quite simply because your “flair”, your feeling will have enabled you to anticipate events, whatever they may be. But from the 25th, the atmosphere will change completely.


January 21 – February 19

1er decan: Pluto’s arrival in your sign on the 23rd is a significant event and only happens every 250 years. If you make the revolution, it will be more of an interior revolution, a new passion perhaps, which will gradually invade your life and give it another twist. But it is over several years.

2e decan : Jupiter is on task all month, and a very positive task as far as you are concerned. The field of communication is particularly affected by this situation and it is in this way that you will shine and impose yourself. Your ideas and opinions will count for nothing (until April 4).

3e decan: phew! Saturn leaves you permanently and will not return for 29 years. The sometimes angry influxes from Mars are also coming to an end (the 25th) and your sky will therefore be clear to welcome the influxes from Jupiter next month. There is something exciting going on.


February 20 – March 20

1er decan: after 29 years of absence, Saturn returns to you on the 7th. It is rather a good situation for most of you who will be able to see your ambitions satisfied. Some will achieve a long-sought goal (studies?). For others, there will be a test related to the passage of time.

2e decan : With Jupiter in your money sector, it is very possible that you hit a big sum… or that you have to take out one because you are going to invest in something. Real estate perhaps… But it’s not for now, moreover many are going to have it built.

3e decan: the week of the 13th will be remarkable for your decan, but not always in a good way. Neptune, which is with you, will be in dissonance with Mars in Gemini and there may be a family dispute, a difficult choice to make or a problem related to water in your home.

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