Christine Haas’ predictions for May 2023

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1er decan: the important thing this month is the entry of Jupiter into Taurus on the 16th. The planet of expansion will stay for a year in your financial sector, offering you the possibility of earning more or receiving an amount (inheritance? ). Unless you’re making a major purchase. Thought must prevail over action.

2e decan : between 1er and on the 10th, the Sun will look down on you from Taurus, prioritizing your money. Gains and losses are at the forefront and either you will make a good deal and receive a bonus, or you will firmly decide to save money in order to offer yourself something.

3e decan: beware of Venus in Gemini from the 1er on the 7th of the month, it will be in dissonance with Neptune and can make you think that you are going to get a big sum, or that you are in love. Whatever the circumstance, take a step back and exercise your critical sense. Reason must prevail over the irrational.


2e decan : the week of the 22nd will certainly be the most pleasant, Venus forming a good aspect with Uranus, planet of surprises and novelties. If you are looking to meet, now is the right time! As a couple, there may be a somewhat special event, something that can only bring you closer.

3e decan: from the beginning of the month you will be able to feel the influx of Uranus, which enters your decan on the 28th. Expect important challenges, life changes that will have only one goal: to offer you a freedom you yearn for. But you will advance and retreat for long months.


1er decan: Saturn sends you vibrations that are not very friendly. Either you have to give up something or someone, or you’re in trouble at your job because someone wants to see you go, or wants your job.

2e decan : the Full Moon on the 5th can be interesting, but a bit confusing. You might become aware of something you had totally forgotten, it may just be an anecdote from your past, but it is remembering it that will be important.

3e decan: watch out for Venus! It will be with you until the 7th, but in dissonance with Neptune. The problem you have had for two years may repeat itself again, but only for those at the very end of the sign (19, 20, 21). Unrest, family or professional are to be feared.


1er decan: Jupiter’s entry into Taurus on the 16th could be a great promise for you (successful project), but Jupiter will be in dissonance with Pluto and, in a way, you will be faced with a prohibition that you will not know how to overcome.

2e decan : Venus will be with you from the 16th to the 26th, in good aspect with Uranus. Let’s say that your love life will be more spiced than usual and that you will take liberties. Maybe you’ll allow yourself a little adventure, or you’ll make some new friends (week of the 22nd).

3e decan: Mars circulates with you until the 20th. On the positive side: a great energy to start something, take initiatives, firm and definitive decisions. On the negative, you will be nervous, irritable, changing your mood frequently. Which will affect your relationships.


1er decan: it is the sector that manages your career and your successes that will be occupied by Jupiter from the 16th, but it is to be feared that its dissonance with Pluto will be a major obstacle to achieving your goal. Wouldn’t you be reproached for an excess of authority around the 20th?

2e decan : from 1er on the 10th, you will have all the assets in hand to impose yourself in your job, and even in a certain way to take power, or regain it if you had lost it. Some other way probably, but you’ll be happy.

3e decan: until the 20th, you are likely to be less motivated than usual, and perhaps even a little depressed because you will want to act for others and you will not know how to go about it. However, you may also have caught a small virus that weakens you.


1er decan: Venus will be your best friend from 1er on the 7th and its good aspect with Saturn can mean that a friendship, which is perhaps more than a friendship, is being established over time. Moreover, at the end of a heavy relationship, some may appreciate being single.

2e decan : You too will be entitled to good vibrations from Venus from the 16th to the 26th, and it is in the register of friendship that you will be the most at ease, the most yourself. Nevertheless, you can continue to hope for a meeting, the coming summer will be favorable (cf. 2011).

3e decan: be very careful in your choices until the 7th of the month. Indeed, Venus will be in dissonance with Neptune and you risk being trapped! Someone will exert their charm on you and their goal will be only to seduce you or to have power over you. Do not forget it !


1er decan: Jupiter changes signs on the 16th and stops opposing you (phew!). The planet invests your financial sector, the one that manages your productivity and no doubt you will do something (or sell something) that will pay off. However, an event can generate torment in the 1time fortnight.

2e decan : the full Moon of the 5 opposes your financial sectors. You will probably have a choice to make: spend or invest, for example. To sell or not to sell. Either way, you’ll be asking questions that you won’t find answers to right away.

3e decan: you have to be very careful until the 20th because, apparently, you will be dealing with someone influential and who will try to have the last word, or to impose something on you that you do not want. Some might speak of moral harassment. Courage, flee the confrontation!


1er decan: Venus will be your best ally from the 7th to the 16th, a period when it will be in harmony with Saturn. This configuration will have a fulfilling side and if you have met someone, the relationship may settle in the long term. Also, Jupiter will be well aligned, there could be marriage for some.

2e decan : you will also be dealing with a good aspect of Venus, but that of Jupiter will come later (from July to November). With Venus in harmony, you will evolve in a climate of trust and you will let go of your emotions. Single: get out of your house, the chances of dating are good.

3e decan: until the 20th you will have two good aspects, one from Mars and the other from Neptune. Trust yourself! The more you listen to your intuitions when you have decisions to make, even minor ones, the more effective you will be. It is by thinking too much that you risk being next to the plate.


1er decan: your master, Jupiter, makes his appearance in Taurus on the 16th and will for some time give special relief to your activities. You may have to be more critical than usual, but you may also experience criticism or jealousy for being promoted.

2e decan : for you too, work is in the spotlight, especially from 1er at 10. An important appointment should be on the agenda, an interview with your boss or with a future employer. Put your experience forward, without too much boasting about your past successes.

3e decan: Venus will face you the first week of the month, and relate to Neptune. Don’t dream too much! And beware of anything that could be related to addiction, love or otherwise, especially born around December 11 and 12. But hey, love addiction can be very pleasant…


1er decan: good news for your decan! On the 16th, Jupiter will enter Taurus and stay there for the rest of the year and put you in the spotlight. However, it will be bad mouthed the first few days, a promise that may not be kept. Unless it represents a sentimental problem, but which will remain very temporary.

2e decan : Mercury will be an excellent helper at the beginning and end of the month. You will not run out of ideas, brilliant solutions as soon as a problem arises in your daily life, whether you are working or not. Besides, we will not fail to compliment you on your ingenuity.

3e decan: Mars will oppose you until the 20th. For two or three days each, you will have a small conflict to manage, or an annoyance because of a refusal. It may be the result of a dispute you have taken to court and you will not be completely satisfied with the response you will get.


1er decan: if you are an early sign, expect something from the past to burst into your present. Or someone you haven’t seen in a very long time. This is likely to move you deeply and make you ask yourself a thousand questions. But it is not sure that it will be unpleasant, you could even take a big step forward.

2e decan : at the end of the month, you will finally be rid of the dissonance of Uranus which has been disturbing and destabilizing you for 18 months. Jupiter will soon take its place and instead of disturbing you, will allow you to turn the page and, probably, to open a new one that could correspond to your desire.

3e decan: beware of the influx of Venus at the beginning of the month (until the 7th). The planet is very well placed, but in dissonance with Neptune. You will therefore be led to believe in a love that may not be what it claims to be. Someone who hides his true nature to better seduce you?


1er decan: you will be able to say thank you to Jupiter, in phase from July 16 and until July 5 (but it will return in November-December). You can add a string to your bow, learn a new language, or pass on something you have learned or that life has taught you. You might also discover a new environment.

2e decan : you too will be entitled to Jupiter but not before July. For this month of May, Venus will be your friend from the 16th to the 26th: your charm should claim victims, you can deploy it and, at the same time, be more sure of yourself and your look. Did you bring him anything new?

3e decan: the illusions of love, the romances you create in your head, the disillusions too, all of this may be topical from 1er at 7 with the dissonance between Venus and Neptune. Also be very careful with your choices, they will not always be the best. Better not to do any until 7.

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