Cyril Hanouna’s scathing reply to Sophia Aram

Monday, the comedian had crushed the host of C8 in a post on France Inter. The person concerned was not asked to answer, attacking the family of his best enemy.

The war between Cyril Hanouna and Sophia Aram keep on going. Monday evening, the host and producer of C8 responded to the comedian from France Inter who, a few hours earlier, devoted a bitter column to him on the public service antenna, treating him in particular as “decerebrate” for having invited Gérard Fauré last week“the former All-Paris dealer”. The latter slipped by evoking a plot around adenochrome.

Normally I don’t touch friends or family, but I have to…“, dropped Cyril Hanouna in “TPMP” Monday evening around 8:30 p.m. after a pub return. He went on to speak directly to his arch nemesis. “We are honest, but you at least take care of your mom, my dear. Khadija Aram, sentenced to two years in prison, including six months. For what ? She is accused of having fooled people in an irregular situation by dangling residence permits while she was deputy mayor of Trappes“, he explained to his viewers.

The C8 star didn’t stop there. “She would have received 31,500 euros thanks to this maneuver and when some illegal immigrants threatened to file a complaint, she would have reimbursed them with the checkbook of the association “Femmes de Trappes” of which she was president. That’s not pretty… Sophia, you already have a job with your family, let us go!“, he concluded before addressing the garbage collectors’ strike with Tiktokeur Ludovic and a Counselor from Paris. The transition between the two subjects was just as scathing as the previously prepared line. “From Sophia Aram to waste, there is only one step“said Cyril Hanouna again.

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