Emmanuelle, singer of the credits of First kisses, died at 59

Emmanuelle Mottaz in the clip of First kiss YouTube Screenshot Generation Club Do

Producer Jean-Luc Azoulay announced Tuesday evening the disappearance of Emmanuelle Mottaz, known in the 80s for her work with the Dorothée teams.

“First kiss exchanged on a beach in summer, first love, a beautiful day that comes to take you away, it’s not forgotten when it’s the first time. » The millions of viewers of the sitcom broadcast between 1991 and 1995 on TF1 were obsessed with the instrumental version of the song performed by Emmanuelle Mottaz at the start of each episode of first kisses . In total, the series produced by AB Productions with Camille Raymond, Magalie Madison and Christophe Rippert had 318 episodes, including Hélène Rollès had been revealed (before having his own series, Helen and the boys).

Tuesday evening, producer Jean-Luc Azoulay announced the death of the singer at the age of 59. “Emmanuelle has left us. Huge sadness. She will forever be in our hearts.”, he wrote on his social networks. It was in 1986 that Emmanuelle Mottaz released the song first kiss at AB Disques, five years before it was used for the credits of the sitcom. The title was ranked among the best-selling records in France, selling more than 600,000 copies. In 1987, the Parisian artist released a second successful single, Just you to put me to sleep.

By detaching from the world of “Club Dorothée” where she appeared regularly, Emmanuelle Mottaz had changed her artistic register and released two more confidential albums. After putting her career as a singer on hold, she devoted herself to work as a screenwriter for the creations of AB Productions, then as a producer and photographer.

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