Éric Antoine announces that he is separated from the mother of his children

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VIDEO – The magician and jury of “France has an incredible talent” is the guest this week of our show “Le Figaro La Nuit”. The opportunity to confide in his private life.

“I’m a crook, but honest because everyone knows I’m a crook”. This is how Éric Antoine’s nocturnal stroll begins on our show “Le Figaro At Night“. The starting point for this walk punctuated with confidences, La Seine Musicale where Eric Anthony will perform on May 13 and 14. An ambitious show that mobilizes a total of 200 people. “I tell people I’m going to scam them and they pay for me to deceive them, to deceive them, they pay for me to make them dream, to make them laugh, to take them somewhere else” he explains to Thibaut Gauthier. “On stage, I have about fifteen guys with whom I work. Finally a girl and 14 guys on stage» he continues. Spectators see an average of three “who help me with my delusions”.

In the past, it was Calista Sinclair, his wife and mother of their children who ***isted him. “She’s my ex-wife now” explains Éric Antoine as he walks along the quays of the Seine in Boulogne-Billancourt. “We hated the position of ***istant that we found of an infinite misogyny” remembers the magician who recognizes that the medium of magic is “very masculine” before adding: “It’s a profession that is starting to move with a few women who are making international careers”.

“Breaking the Image of Magic”

With Calista Sinclair, they then decide to “breaking the image of magic” in their shows. “We said to ourselves that we were going to dress her all in black and she will believe that she is invisible and we will call her Bernard” cites Éric Antoine as an example. The magician then tells another delightful anecdote in “Le Figaro La Nuit”: “Then after we created a second character called ‘The ***istant, but not submissive’ and she showed that all the work of magic was done by women and that magicians were just profiteers who pretended that they had powers while they, they did all the work”. Even if today they are separated, it remains a memory “very nice, very fun to do” for the one who is also a member of the jury of “France has an incredible talent”.

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