Frédéric Beigbeder returns to the incident that occurred during his visit to a Bordeaux bookstore

Guest of BFM TV on Saturday evening, the author of Confessions of a Slightly Overwhelmed Heterosexual condemned the action of feminist activists behind these disturbances.

Guest of BFMTV Saturday evening, the prolific authorand in particular Confessions of a Slightly Overwhelmed Heterosexual, published by Albin Michel, returned to the incident the day before, in Bordeaux. Police protection, trash tags on the front of the Mollat ​​bookstore where he was a guest, interruption of the signing session, threats… “It’s aggression, it’s violence”he pointed out, condemning the action of feminist activists at the origin of these disturbances.

Thursday evening, the surroundings of the sign had been covered with militant collages on which one could, for example, read: “176 pages of misogynistic handjob”, “You have a speech of rapist”, “Are straight men really?”, “Nobody wants to suck you Beigbeder”… The violence of the remarks is such that on Friday, a security device was deployed to supervise the event. The session, finally, was interrupted, forcing the writer to leave the premises.

“I love messing around on television but there, I don’t want to joke at all because they call me a rapist, that is to say they call me a criminal…”. And that is not acceptable. Further to add: “I am a writer. I write things that can provoke, which are perhaps sometimes outrageous things, because I think that a book is not like life, it’s something else, a somewhat strange place, a area of ​​freedom”. And that’s non-negotiable.

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