“I can see myself playing Obelix!”

The heroine of HPI attended the launch of the new attraction at Parc Astérix with other celebrities from the small screen: Philippe Lacheau, Arnaud Ducret, Julie Depardieu…

If I had to play an Asterix character?» Audrey Fleurot thinking…”Audrey Lamy made a great Bonemine but the female characters in comics don’t inspire me much. I can see myself in Obelix, it would be a bit modern, wouldn’t it? Me, I would like to have fallen into the magic potion!»

The actress, crowned with success of HPI – some 8.5 million viewers the day before for the first episode of season 3 of the TF1 detective comedy -, attended the official inauguration of Toutatis, a new attraction at Parc Astérix, a roller coaster that can reach 110 km on Friday evening. /h (French record). With his companion, director Djibril Glissant, and their son Lou…We did Toutatis three times!repeated the little boy with satisfaction and pride.


The evening had been launched shortly before by Philippe Lacheausponsor of the event with his usual playmates: his companion, actress Élodie Fontan, actress-director Reem Kherici, actor Julien Arruti…I am very honored and I am pleased to announce that the next carousel will be called La Bande à Fixix”, he joked. Far from the controversies around LOL , and can rejoice 4.2 million Alibi.com 2 entries (the largest number of spectators in his entire filmography), he confided to us that he was ready, why not, to interpret Asterix. “It is often suggested to me on social networks…»

Julien Arruti, Philippe Lacheau and Elodie Fontan. Asterix Park

Also in the game, for this evening which ended with a DJ set by Martin Solveig, Noémie Lenoir (who was Guimieukis in Asterix and Obelix: Cleopatra Mission), Jean-Paul RouvéJeff Tuche in front of the Eternal (who was Caius Antivirus in the Chabat film), Ludivine Sagnier (The Young Pope, Lupin), Julie Depardieu (the heroine ofAlexandra Ehl on France 3), the artist Bilal Hani, Miss France 2001, Elodie Gossuin, the host, with her husband, the former model Bertrand Lacherie, and their four children, as well as Maëva Coucke, Miss France 2018.

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Finally, faithful of the faithful, Arnaud Ducret. The hero of Parents manualon tour with his show, had been the godfather of Thunder 2 Zeus. His feelings about Toutatis? “Sgreat! At many times, we do not know where we are! We climb very high, there are clouds, and suddenly there is a peak like that… But it’s not abrupt, really, very flexible…And if he too had to play a character from Asterix? “Obelix, of course! I’m an Obelix in life, I take it all in!»

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