in tears, Julien Bert reacts to the accusations of domestic violence by Hilona Gos

The reality TV candidate came out of silence after a video of his ex-fiancée in which she testifies to having been the victim of violence during their relationship.

“I am shocked and must answer extremely heavy charges. I took my time because I wanted to defend myself with verifiable facts.announced Julien Bert in a video posted on Tuesday. Deprived of Instagram after a large number of reports, the reality TV candidate has granted himself the right of reply on YouTube. “She wants to talk about it? We’ll talk about it!” he launched. In a sequence of about thirteen minutes the man, discovered in 2013 in “The Island of Truths”, replied to his ex Hilona Gos. The latter, currently in the casting of “Learning Adventurers” on W9, publicly accused him of domestic violence.

Last Sunday, the young woman broadcast on YouTube a video entitled “My truth with Julien”, where she confided that she had suffered during their three years of relationship physical violence including strangulation. “His look had changed, he had black eyes. It was no longer the same person. He raised his hand and strangled me. He lifted me up off the floor, I just remember not being able to breathe.”, she had related while claiming that he would have threatened her with his fist. A testimony in two stages which has accumulated 5.8 million views on the platform.

Julien Bert announces that he has filed a complaint

“Hilona does not have the right to take the battered women’s fight, it is unacceptable, grotesque and insulting to the cause”rose up Julien Bert. If he admits that their relationship was toxic, with “violent verbal exchanges”the influencer assures that he never raised his hand on her and even goes so far as to return the accusation. “She has already put pies on me, threw herself on me. I only pushed her to move her away, that, I assume completely», explained the accused, before telling “having received an iPhone in the headwhich had broken his nose and the floor of his eye socket.

The man with thirteen shows reality show to his credit then took up point by point the arguments of his ex to give his version of the facts: of his electronic bracelet “for facts dating from 2014 and for which he served his sentence”abortion to debts linked to their rent… Julien Bert then spoke directly to Hilona Gos. “Why didn’t you file a complaint? Go ahead! You prefer to make money, monetize a video that you release two and a half years after our story”he said facing the camera. “I feel sorry for you, coming back and messing up my life as I come out of the water”he interrupted himself before bursting into tears and exclaiming that they had “yet promised not to get dirty publicly”.

Julien Bert, who specified “don’t be a monster”, also underlined the funny timing chosen by his ex-fiancée to publish his confessions. The reality TV candidate recently formalized his relationship with Mel Dedigama, former figure of “Secret Story”. At the same time, Hilona Gos has “lost his grandfather and was publicly cheated on by his new spouse”. “Don’t you have anything else to do? You denigrate my image and you incite people to hatred. What do you want ?”, he wondered before announcing that he had filed a defamation complaint and hired a lawyer.

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