Isabelle Ithurburu denies rumors of arrival in the adventure game –

FIGARO LIVE – Invited on the “Buzz TV” set, the presenter of “50′ Inside” who covers the Rugby World Cup ures that she will not take Denis Brogniart’s place in the short term.

This is one of the biggest TV transfers of the season. That ofIsabelle Ithurburu moved from Canal+ to TF1 to cover the Rugby World Cup and resume the presentation of “50’ Inside” after the departure of Nikos Aliagas. A change of life carefully considered by the person concerned. “I had been working on Canal+ for fourteen years in the best conditions (…) and I had no reason to leave them», Explains the host to “Buzz TV” this Wednesday. “It was the third time that TF1 came to ask me to join them. In the meantime, Canal+’s strategy changed, the channel became a platform and apart from rugby, I couldn’t do much else“, she continues.

And yet, initially, the qualifier of “50′ Inside”, presented as “a celebrity magazine”, hardly attracted him. “I don’t like the celebrity press, since I’ve suffered from it, it’s getting out of my eyesreplies Isabelle Ithurburu. I know the harm it can do and that it’s all false. So when people talk to me about 50′ Inside, the first thing that comes to mind is this name which slows me down. But suddenly, I watched the show and I realized that it was cly, ​​glamorous and respectful. The people who are in it decided to be there and give themselves over. Then, I selfishly thought about my job and the interview which is an exercise that I love», continues the woman who presented “Le Tube” on Canal+, a media show where she received hosts, actors and channel bosses.

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For her first time at the helm of the weekly program, Isabelle Ithurburu pulled off a nice stunt by interviewing Muriel Robin who returned, for the first time in front of the camera, on the Pierre Palmade affair. “I had the chance to welcome her in “Le Tube”, it went well so she came with confidence, adds the journalist. I had to talk about it, it would have been professional misconduct not to. I think she expected it. She was generous because it was not at all easy“. Despite the perceptible discomfort, the comedian will not ask for a cut during editing. “I wanted to transcribe the tension that was there at that moment, sometimes silence explains more things than the rest. We understand all these months that she had to live through. Since then I think it freed her», Estimates Isabelle Ithurburu.

An interview with Maxim Nucci, his companion, in “50′ Inside”? “It wouldn’t be relevant”

Isabelle Ithurburu on the set of “Buzz TV” Wednesday September 13, 2023

Another highlight of its premiere: the discreet appearance of his companion Maxim Nucci in the “Planète people” section, the singer Yodelice being part of the jury of the Deauville Festival. “II discovered it on TV!», reacts Isabelle Ithurburu. “It was in the small news section which is done at the last moment, it lasted three seconds», she puts it into perspective, laughing. Will she be able to receive it on the show or process information about a new album for example? “In principle, I don’t forbid myself anything but I’m not sure that it’s relevant because, precisely, in this job as an interviewer, it’s good to seek out information that you don’t have. . And I don’t want to make him talk about things I know. And for now, there are things that concern me», replies the oval ball specialist.

Due to the channel’s policy of feminization, some already imagine him presenting “Koh-Lanta” in place of Denis Brogniart. A media journalist recently said this on social networks before the information was denied by TF1, producer Alexia Laroche-Joubert and Isabelle Ithurburu today. “No, I’m not going to take the reins of the show. No one spoke to me about it, or even to Denis. (…) I was never called in to take over Koh Lanta”, she still ures. One thing is certain: she will host “Le Mag” around the France-Uruguay rugby match on Thursday September 14 as part of the World Cup.

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