Jérôme and Lucile from “Love is in the meadow” reveal the first name of their second child –

After a little Capucine, the couple formed in season 15 of the M6 ​​dating program welcomed a little boy.

They met in the fifteenth season of “Love is in the meadow“. Jérôme is a grain and market gardener in eastern France. Before taking over the family business, he was a sports educator or even a restaurateur. Lucile comes from Brittany and when she becomes her suitor in the M6 ​​dating program, she falls in love. And it’s reciprocal. Viewers quickly fall under the spell of their love story. Since the end of the show hosted by Karine Le Marchandthe lovebirds have not left each other.

On October 12, 2021, they welcome a small Capucine. The following year, they decide to get married. On July 18, the couple announced another good news, the birth of their second child. This weekend, they finally revealed the name of their little boy.

Welcome to little Adonis

The little family proudly pose together in a photo posted on the couple’s Instagram account. In the caption, we can read the simple sentence: “Welcome home Adonis”, surrounded by emojis of blue hearts. An original first name, the meaning of which the young mother shared in Story. “The Amur adonis owes its name to the Syrian ‘adon’ which means lord. This species owes its name to the Amur river, located in Asia. It is a plant much appreciated for its early flowering. In Japan, it is offered in pots to celebrate the New Year. There, it is also a symbol of long life and prosperity.“, she said to her community.

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