JoeyStarr talks about his addictions

The rapper and film and television actor confided in Rose at length as part of his “Counter-addictions” podcast.

On September 25, Rose launched her podcast. In “Contre-addictions”, the singer, a former alcoholic and cocaine addict, wishes to discuss the problem of addictions with guests. After receiving Joana Balavoine, Élodie Frégé, Carla Bruni and Frédéric Beigbeder, she invited JoeyStarr to discuss his problems with drugs and alcohol which earned him setbacks with the law and ended up in rehab.

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“I made two”recognized the rapper and actor before making an astonishing revelation: “I conceived my first child in treatment”. Speechless, his interlocutor only retorted: “All right”. The singer then wanted to know if these two cures had worked. “Yeah, but not like it should have, actually. During, I was stoned to death, I was exchanging urine, bullshit … besides, they ended up firing me “he said.

“I was going there for the wrong reason”


If JoeyStarr went there “voluntarily”“Nobody is forcing me to do it, it was not a court decision or anything, finally it calmed down justice anyway because I had problems with her” -, it was mainly to reassure his relatives. “It was not for me at all so, already, I was going there for the wrong reason”, he pointed out. Especially since“we must have the means to make cures”.

Get rid of drugs

Bad reasons that probably did not encourage the person who embodies Replacing (on TF1) to want to end drugs. Worse, at the slightest exit, he plunged a little more. “What’s funny is that every time I went out – already it’s because I had been scheming for a week to be able to go out while you’re paying – I don’t think I ever so stoned in cure”he added.

“My relationship with Kool Shen must have boosted my addiction to death”


However, after a few weeks, JoeyStarr finally realized the gravity of the situation. “I think I love life too much. I’m really lucky to love what’s happening to me, it’s dizzying. Today, I know that I eased off on a lot of things because I have things to do and above all I love what I do.he continued.

An addiction that he attributed in particular to his duet with Kool Shen. “NTM it’s not a peaceful story in my relationship with Kool Shen. I think it must have boosted my addiction to death. And there, for about ten years, a little more even, I believe that the children have a lot to do with it, there is something more peaceful in my life so I am less in demand about all that. I widened my circle, I have other people, I’m in more peaceful stories so it takes me elsewhere in my desires “concluded the artist.

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