Marie Garet, former winner of “Secret Story”, sentenced to suspended prison –

Revealed in 2011 in the fifth season of the reality game broadcast on TF1, the 38-year-old nurse was arrested last Tuesday for driving under the influence of narcotics and placed in police custody in Alès.

From his victory in October 2011live on TF1, in season 5 of ” Secret Story “the life of Marie Garet looks like an endless roller coaster. It was with her companion Geoffrey Crousillat that this 26-year-old nurse at the time had shared these weeks of confinement in the game produced by Endemol. The rest of his life was punctuated by sentimental ruptures, participation in other reality TV programs such as “Les Anges” on NRJ12 or “La Villa des coeursbrokens” on TFX and occasional appearances on television.

The latest dates back to February 5, 2023 on C8 in “TPMP People”. That day, with Matthieu DelormeauMarie Garet had come to talk about the ordeal she had been living for twelve years because of her notoriety. “I am always recognized in the street. Except that before I was adored, today I am insulted by all names,she confided. Because I don’t look like anything, because nurse and reality TV don’t go together… I have patients who have changed nurses because in fact, you always have to prove ten times more than a person lambda. »

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Our colleagues from Free lunch revealed that Marie Garet was arrested last Tuesday in Alès at the wheel of her car after a roadside check. Arrested by his behavior, the police carried out a drug test which turned out to be positive. Placed in police custody, the 38-year-old liberal nurse was brought before the Alès judicial court and sentenced to an eight-month suspended prison sentence with probation and suspension of the driving license for a period of six months. The former reality TV candidate admitted to using cocaine and several grams of narcotics were found at her home by investigators.

During the hearing, his lawyer, Me Pierre-Yves Racaud, highlighted the discomfort of his client who recently launched a procedure for “extortion attempt” And ” threat “ against him. An investigation is underway.

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