Masters 2023: Fan makes bizarre loud noise after ordinary shot during Stuart Bingham v Kyren Wilson match

A lively spectator caused a ruckus at the 2023 Masters after making a truly bizarre noise during Stuart Bingham’s match with Kyren Wilson.

With the first-round clash in its early moments, Bingham rolled home a routine blue into the right middle pocket when the fan suddenly bellowed out unnaturally.

“Well whatever that was, we don’t need any more of it,” scolded David Hendon on Eurosport commentary, while the referee sent a death stare into the audience at Alexandra Palace.

The Masters

‘Whatever that was…’ – Spectator makes very unusual noise during Bingham break


While numerous theories for the strange sound have surfaced online, the most common seems to be the spectator had some significant cash on blue being the first colour potted in the match…

“It’s not even worked out very well,” pointed out Neal Foulds, after Bingham had run out of position with the cue ball.

Still, Bingham made a fine plant to continue the break and was soon being celebrated – more conventionally – for making a 102 contribution. Further breaks of 109, 85 and 127 saw him race into a 5-0 lead, and although Wilson briefly hit back, Bingham progressed to the quarter-finals with a 6-3 win.
It was an impressive display from the 2015 world champion, whose preparations for the match were far from ideal after he had take his son to A&E the previous day.

Bingham’s young son fractured two fingers playing basketball, leading to the hospital dash.

“It was so nice to have my boy [watching the match],” Bingham reflected in the Eurosport studio afterwards.

“He’s fractured his two fingers playing basketball yesterday. I was in A&E and Michelle [Bingham’s wife] came over after a couple of hours and took over, and he’s down there for about six hours.

“I got back at 9 o’clock, so I had enough sleep, but it was a bit of a nightmare.

“He said to me ‘I’ve hurt my hand’. I’ve looked at it and it looked fine. When I’ve got my come back, his fingers were like, pretty fat.

“My wife had a charity meeting and so I’ve had to take him down.”

Bingham continued, laughing: “I’ve missed a nice Indian that we’ve booked, so yeah, the boy comes first.”

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The Masters

‘It was a bit of a nightmare’ – Bingham reveals trip to A&E with son before Masters win


The Masters

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