Mehdi Nebbou talks about the future of HPI on TF1

Mehdi Nebbou on the set of “Buzz TV” on May 10, 2023. Screenshot / Figaro Live

FIGARO LIVE – The actor returns to service in the third season of HPI launched on May 11, 2023 on TF1. On the eve of the launch, he is the guest of “Buzz TV”.

Will Morgane Alvaro and Adam Karadec end up together? At the end of season 2 of HPI, the housekeeper played by Audrey Fleurot and the police commander exchanged a kiss. Season 3, launched Thursday May 11 on TF1, plunges us six months later. “We know for a fact that this tension is the DNA of their relationship.», comments Mehdi Nebbouthe interpreter of Commander Karadec, on the set of “Buzz TV” this Wednesday.

This frustration mattershe completes. It’s like certain fantasies which are sometimes more beautiful when they remain fantasies than when they are realized. This frustration creates this suspense and this desire that something happens between them. Even if it doesn’t become a love story, there is a friendship that exists and grows over the episodes. I find it quite beautiful“, adds the actor who played in Munich by Steven Spielberg Gosh! And Josephine At the movie theater.

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In France, HPI is the most watched TV series with an average of 8.1 million viewers gathered each week ahead of season 2 and 40% of the public. Is a season 4 planned? “It is sure, she is in the pipes and I believe that the shooting schedules are planned“says Mehdi Nebbou before discussing the future of the series in the long term. “We would not like to do the season too much and disrespect the people who love him. We don’t know how many seasons we’ll make of it“, he still ures.

THANKS HPI who made my dad relationship good »

Mehdi Nebbou

During this interview, Mehdi Nebbou also spoke of his life in Berlin, where he is raising a 13-year-old girl, attentive to her father’s work. “She is not so aware of the success of the series because we live in Berlin but she is a fan of HPI, Mehdi Nebbou tells us. At the end of each season, we have a T-shirt or sweatshirt with the image of the season and my daughter wears it even though she is a fan of hip-hop. She is proud and she is all the more a fan of my work since and thanks to HPI. THANKS HPI who made my dad relationship good “, underlines the one who transmitted the virus of comedy to his daughter.

From HPI, she wants to become an actress, a bit thanks to Audrey Fleurot I must say. Her character has such a 5-year-old energy in a woman’s body that young people are not indifferent to this enthusiasm and madness. Jean-Paul Belmondo and Pierre Richard had the same effect on me when I was little“, he admits.

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