Philippe Candeloro still haunted by the filming of “Dropped”

FIGARO LIVE – Guest of “Buzz TV”, the former sportsman who comments on the world figure skating championships on France Télévisions returned to the tragedy that occurred in 2015 during the recording of a game for TF1.

THE TV BUZZ. Between Monday March 20 and Sunday March 26, you comment for France Télévisions on the world figure skating championships taking place in Saitama, Japan. Why don’t you go there?
Philippe CANDELORO. – Apparently, we have to pay attention to the carbon footprint, that’s what we were told at France Télévisions. I find that a bit stupid because in the end, the plane, whether we’re there or not, will leave anyway! Jokes aside, I put myself in the place of the business manager: there is an eight-hour time difference, we only have a chance of a podium among the boys, can skating find its place in the group? ? But Nelson Monfort often says it: it’s the only sport you can watch even if you know the result because it’s a great show to watch. Whether we have French people in competition or not, 1.5 million people follow us quite regularly.

The CSA has hit you on the knuckles several times for comments deemed sexist…
I’ve seen quite a few CSA presidents go by. We are not even summoned, they make it rain or shine. What surprises me is that they are going to bother me for words that I put out in the context of the commentary and besides that there are movies airing at 8:30 p.m. with orgies where everyone is branches off.

“With Nelson Monfort, we are no longer as free as before”

Philippe Candeloro at “Buzz TV” on March 15, 2023

Do you censor yourself now?
Yes with Nelson, we are not as free as before. Maybe we’re getting a little less funny. The more careful you are, the clumsier you become in using words. You no longer know if you can say that a girl is pretty. So we repeat fifteen times that she has extraordinary skates! It’s a shame because that’s what made Nelson and me successful. Annick Dumont is also present to act as a buffer between the two of us. If we can’t have fun anymore, will France Télévisions still need us? We nevertheless try to keep our spontaneity, that’s the most important thing. We sleep a lot with Nelson. And our women too, that way there are fewer problems, whatever… (laughs). My wife doesn’t listen, she’s too scared of the bullshit I’m going to tell.

There is a lot of talk about retirement at the moment, what is your point of view on the matter?
Athletes have never been considered. I retired at 26, I’m 51 and I don’t have retired status. Today, there is a discussion between sportsmen to recover around thirty quarters. For my part, fortunately after my retirement, I continued to do shows. As I am the manager of a company, I have contributed. Anyway, even if I still had the chance to skate until I was 70, I would still miss 38 quarters. I have always been advised to build a retirement on real estate nearby. We are five at home, even with 100,000 euros aside, it’s difficult. When an athlete wins an Olympic medal, instead of receiving a bonus of 15,000 euros, it would be better to give him 30 or 40 quarters. We must also take into consideration the difficulty of the work. At 50, I have already redone my two hips and I continue to skate.

Eight years ago, you took part in the filming of “Dropped” on TF1 which was tragically interrupted by the accident of two helicopters causing the death of ten people including Florence Arthaud, Alexis Vastine and Camille Muffat. Do you think about it often?
It’s funny, with my children we thought we hadn’t heard much about this eighth anniversary. If we can talk about an anniversary… Unfortunately, we will never know what really happened, there is no black box. It’s an episode that I can’t erase from my memory but I put it in the back of my mind. I don’t necessarily want to think about it again. It took me a while to move on and enjoy the moments of respite that I was given. We were a hundred in this adventure and we were all touched. I have a thought for the missing people that I was beginning to know. “Dropped” was a very nice show by the way.

Where were you at the time of the accident?
I was 300 meters from the two helicopters that collided. I did not see the accident. I was supposed to be in one of the helicopters but I was changed crew five minutes before. The departure of my group was finally postponed by seven hours because the weather conditions were not good.

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