the modesty and emotion of Gaspard Ulliel’s ex-girlfriend in “C à vous”

VIDEO – Invited on the occasion of the release of his book Time to say goodbyeGaëlle Pietri confides that writing has allowed her to better understand the death of the father of her child.

A book like a letter of love and homage addressed to his ex-companion Gaspard Ulliel. Gaëlle Pietri comes out, with Gr***et editions, Time to say goodbye . She came to present him on the set of “C to you”, this Wednesday, April 26, starting by explaining that she quickly felt obliged to take a pen after the death of the actor, at 37, in a stupid ski accident, January 19, 2022 : “I took notes in amazement and anger.”


“When such a sudden tragedy happens, we look for answers. I needed to read, I immersed myself in books on mourning, then I needed to write, to put into words”she explains, with modesty. “This book is a letter to Gaspard, a tribute, but it’s also for our son Orso that I wanted to write, to be able to hand him an object and tell him ‘Your parents loved each other’”she explains.

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In response to questions from Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, Gaëlle Pietri confirms that mourning is made difficult by the notoriety of the missing person: “We do not have the right to the necessary depopulation”, she regrets. Such personality testifies on television to speak, above all, of itself. Such a fan multiplies the selfies in front of the grave of the actor. Such a low-ceilinged Internet user uses social networks to pour out his gall…

The presenter of “C to you” revives her interlocutor by citing the term “grotesque” that she uses, in the book, to describe the death of her ex-companion. “Yes, it’s absurd, Gaspard was a great skier. Not long before I got him on the phone, things were going great. And two hundred meters from the end, on a blue run, an accident… It’s absurd.” A tape recorder then plays images of the actor, on the same set, in 2016, presenting the film Just the end of the world by Xavier Dolan. As expected, Gaëlle Pietri is then taken with great emotion. By delicacy, it could probably have been spared him…

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