the rant of Vianney presented as the friend of Geoffroy Lejeune in the press –

“Thank you for not putting me in your salads”: the rant of Vianney presented as the friend of Geoffroy Lejeune in The world Castel Franck/ABACA / Castel Franck / Lafargue Raphael/ABACA / Lafargue Raphael

In a message on Twitter, the artist and coach of “The Voice” denies being close to the journalist, as claimed by THEWorld in a portrait devoted to the man who has just been appointed editor of the JDD.

Not only close to Marion Maréchal Le Pen and Zemmour, also very friendly with Gaspard Proust and Vianney“. In the portrait dedicated to him in the columns of the World this week-end, Geoffroy Lejeune who has just been named managing editor of the Sunday newspaper, is presented as the friend of the political figures of the party Reconquête! but also – and this is more surprising – the singer and coach of “The Voice”, Vianney . A detail that has not escaped the quoted artist, who speaks this Sunday on Twitter.

But what? (what, editor’s note.) “, he begins, in a message which is accompanied by the emoji died of laughter. ” In this job where I come across the Tout-Paris, I was able to speak with people from all walks of life; from Pr Hollande to Pr Sarkozy, via Pr Macron. From Christophe Conte to Geoffroy Lejeune, via Bruce Toussainthe lists. These people are all different, all interesting, visibly sensitive to my pion: music. But from there to say “very friend”, we will go down a littlereframes the interpreter of I am leaving before recalling:Thank you for not putting me in your salads. I make songs to allow people to forget these divisive subjects that I never got involved in“, he concludes.

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Lagardère made official on Friday the appointment of Geoffroy Lejeune (ex-Current Values), 34 years old, at the head of the editorial staff of JDD despite the almost unanimous opposition of its employees “ulcerated», on strike since Thursday against the arrival of the journalist considered an “extreme right” personality. Several left-wing politicians as well as the Minister of Culture expressed their deep concern about the situation of the weekly. The editorial staff renewed its strike almost unanimously until next Wednesday.

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