when Aurélie Casse openly flirts with Gad Elmaleh in “C l’hebdo” –

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Aurélie Ce and Gad Elmaleh in flirting mode on the set of “C l’hebdo”. Screenshot – France 5

The delightful scene took place on Saturday evening on the set of the France 5 talk show. The presenter indulged in complimenting the comedian, her guest, on his physique. For once it happens in this direction…

Aurélie Ce received, this Saturday evening, on the set of “C l’hebdo” the comedian and actor Gad Elmaleh , who came to launch an appeal for solidarity in favor of the victims of the earthquake that occurred eight days ago in Morocco. If the artist mentioned Bernadette of Lourdesthe musical comedy dedicated to Bernadette Soubirous of which he is the producer, and the Morocco Solidarity Show, the charity show that he will give with Roman Frayssinet and Redouane Bougheraba, in Paris, on October 2, he wanted to reestablish some truths about the way in which he experiences his relationship with his country of origin (he grew up in Casablanca ). He explained how now is the time for mutual aid and not for moral lessons about “ who should do how and in what way », and also engaged in a charming little game of seduction with the journalist and presenter of the show.

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It was she, moreover, who launched the festivities. “You don’t get old. You are perhaps even more and more beautiful”, she told him. Vaguely embarred laughter on set. “It’s flirty…”, laughs a columnist. Gad pulls himself together. “It’s very nice, it touches me a lot”, he replies. And Aurélie added, all smiles: “It’s true?” And he continued, visibly touched, with the same smile: “In the period we live in, do you think that a host who would say that to a guest would create a bad buzz?” But the little scene didn’t end there… “Did that bother you?”, continued Aurélie. And he adds: “So, no, it didn’t bother me so much that I just wanted to talk about that. Besides, I fall in love very, very quickly, so, uh, you… are you married?”. Everything else in the show suddenly became perfectly anecdotal…

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