Who is Dylan Thiry, the influencer accused of fraud, pimping and child trafficking, by rapper Booba?

PORTRAIT – The former reality TV candidate, revealed in “Koh-Lanta”, is the subject of serious accusations, to the point of arousing reactions from the political cl***.

His name has been circulating for a few days beyond the sphere of reality TV. Dylan Thiry is accused of fraud, pimping and child trafficking. Two deputies, Arthur Delaporte (PS) and Stéphane Vojetta (Renaissance), took legal action. They are rapporteurs for a law regulating the online influence sector. On social networks, the rapper Booba attempts to do justice to itself by posting compromising audio files. Explanations.

In 2017, Dylan Thiry participated in “Koh Lantain Cambodia. If he only stays in the adventure for three days, he stands out to viewers for his original outfit for an adventure of this type. He arrives on the beach wearing Gucci loafers. First trick of the young man, he invents an imaginary partnership with the luxury brand, which hastened to deny the information. He participated the following year in “Koh-Lanta: the fight of heroes”. He leaves the game in episode 7 during an immunity test…

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