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FIGARO LIVE – The dancer and lottery presenter on TF1 launches her podcast “With or without sugar?” on platforms. Invited on the set of “Buzz TV”, she confides with emotion in her personal life.

With or without sugar ? This is the question posed Ines Vandamme to each of her guests in the podcast of the same name that she has just launched on all platforms. Every Sunday, at 2 p.m., at coffee time, the 30-year-old dancer and choreographer receives celebrities on her sofa. Among his first guests, friends from “Dancing with the Stars”, Lola Dubini, Anthony Colette or Ladji Doucoure.

The guests come as they want to the house“, says Inès Vandamme on the set of “Buzz TV” this Thursday. Generally, after four or five minutes, they feel good, take off their shoes and squat on the couch.“, rejoices the presenter of the draw of the lottery and the Euromillions on TF1.

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This native of Dunkirk also confided in her personal story on the occasion of a recent celebration: her change of name in the civil registry. “I never talked about it and it’s nice to be able to do it today, she begins. My mom has been separated from my parent almost since I was born. I won’t use the word dad, she holds while specifying that the man in question did not raise her. “I knew him until I was 15. He is not a person I have carried in my heart. But until today, I bore his name in the civil status, followed by Van Damme. And I finally got it removed. VSay est, my name is really Van Damme on my identity card“, welcomes the person concerned.

” VSit’s been four months since my boyfriend and i separated »

Inès Vandamme on the set of “Buzz TV”

Inès Vandamme ures that she did not suffer from the absence of her parent. “I have an uncle who took over. Unfortunately, he left us four months ago. I always grew up with a man by my side so I never had a problem with that“, she explains to us.

The start of 2023 was complicated for Inès Vandamme between the disappearance of her uncle and the separation with her companion Gaël Laudet. “VSWe’ve been separated for four months specifies Inès Vandamme who has kept good relations with her ex. It’s okay, we get along very well. Our paths have gone separate ways but that’s life. We go part of the way with people, in friendship, in love, at work… There is a moment, we disperse and we no longer have the same desire. It’s not serious“, reures the one who is always a heart to take. “I’m single !“, she confirms.

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