Yann Moix severe with Pierre Palmade, discomfort on the set of “What time!”

VIDEO – The writer was the guest of Léa Salamé on Saturday evening on France 2 to discuss the media coverage around the comedian’s accident.

It’s absurd“. Yann Moix is outraged by the media overexposure of the Pierre Palmade affair. Since February 10, the day of the accident, 20,000 articles have been posted on the Internet. The Parisian and “TPMP” who devote a page to it every day have seen their respective audiences climb. Saturday evening, in “What a time!”, Léa Salamé questioned her former partner in “We are not lying” on the question. And his interlocutor is not tender with the media – he judges the coverage of BFMTV “obscene”- but also the protagonist of the news item.

For the host of Europe 1 and speaker on CNews, Pierre Palmade should write a public letter to the Kurdish family victim of the accident caused by the actor, then under the influence of cocaine. “What I’m going to say commits only me but I’m going to say it because I feel something that is perhaps totally gratuitous and if this thing hurts the family of Pierre Palmade I apologize and I assumehe begins. I don’t feel any empathy from Pierre Palmade for the victims“says the director of Podium.You don’t know, I think“, the cut Michaël Youn also invited in the talk show of Saturday evening of France 2.

There have already been four victims, there shouldn’t be a fifth“, adds a few seconds later the former presenter of “Morning live”, thinking of Pierre Palmade. This will provoke a severe response from Yann Moix. “He will never take his own life, he loves himself too much for that“, retorts the writer.

Uneasiness on the set and sigh in the public. “We can not say thatcommented Évelyne Dhéliat around the table. “To say that would mean that you hope so“, contradicts Michaël Youn again before Léa Salamé closes the debate on the subject to move on to the next guest.

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