Your free horoscope sign by sign from July 1 to July 7, 2023 by Christine Haas –

VIDEO – Here are your predictions for the week, for each sign of the zodiac. The astrologer gives you your outlook on love, wealth, work, family and health.

Permanently, the sky comes alive. The planets have always moved and will move forever. They relate to the planets of your chart and form aspects which are interpreted and described in your horoscope.

Every week, find your free horoscope with Christine Haas (Instagram: @chrishaasoff) on the website of Figaro with TVMagazine .


June 21-July 23

Social life We could make you a very interesting proposal around the 3rd. If you are the one who has a request to make or a service to request, you can go for it with your eyes closed. We will say yes (2e decan)!

Emotional life Your need for tenderness will be accentuated by the situation. And you risk, without realizing it, demanding a little too much attention from your loved ones. They do their best, don’t forget that…


July 23-August 23

Social life The attitude of a colleague or someone you meet on a daily basis will seem strange to you… Before going to talk to him about it, make sure that it is not your imagination that is playing tricks on you (born around the 4th august).

Emotional life Do you have someone in sight? Take action and attempt physical reconciliation (3e especially decan). Your power of seduction will indeed be at its maximum.


August 23-September 23

Social life The Full Moon on the 3rd is very favorable to you. It is in your interest to seize the opportunities that will arise, professionally and personally (born around September 4).

Emotional life Someone could pull out all the stops to seduce you. But it is not certain that you will be very sensitive to its charm. Leave no doubt and gently let him know that it won’t go any further.


September 23-October 23

Social life When you have a decision to make, you tend to follow your heart. The planets and the full Moon of the 3 advise you this time to listen to the voice of reason (2e decan).

Emotional life It is through your friends that you can meet. So trust them and let them play matchmaker. A good surprise is possible, especially if you are 3e decan.


October 23-November 23

Social life Are you about to go on vacation? There’s escapism in the air and the ability to travel far from home. In any case, you will really want to change your horizon (2e decan).

Emotional life You will have to be careful not to be too bossy with your loved ones, especially your children (born around November 19). There is probably a happy medium to be found between laxity and an excess of firmness.


November 23-December 22

Social life You will be convinced, often wrongly, that some people don’t like you or that others want to damage your reputation. Aren’t you a bit paranoid (2e decan)?

Emotional life You are one of the darlings of Venus, the planet of love and well-being. It circulates in fact in the most fulfilling sector of your zodiac… No one will be able to resist your devastating charm.


December 22-January 20

Social life You welcome in your sign the full moon of the 3 (2e decan). It invites you to be more in the exchange and in the communication. If you have something to say, say it. You will not regret it !

Emotional life Someone around you is likely to make you see green and not ripe: your partner, a child or a friend. Still, you will have to set your limits.


January 20-February 19

Social life Your days lack a bit of pep. You don’t really like routine and the repetitive nature of certain activities. Nothing prevents you from making changes in your organization.

Emotional life The meeting of Venus (love) and Mars (desire) in your sector of unions and the couple can suggest a real love at first sight. Or a kind of marriage proposal (3e decan).


February 19-March 20

Social life Mutual aid and solidarity are strong values. You will definitely have the opportunity to support someone. Don’t hesitate to ask for a little help too.

Emotional life If you are looking for love, you will find it in your workplace or in your daily activities. Keep your eyes open at the supermarket or on public transport, you never know.


March 20-April 20

Social life The Full Moon of the 3 can confront you with a dilemma: to please your family or to respect a commitment (professional?). 2e decan, take the time to think about it before acting.

Emotional life Venus, planet of love, and Mars, planet of desire, continue their journey together in the 3e decan of Leo. There should be intense and rather pleasant events in your love life.


April 20-May 21

Social life Don’t wait for people around you to guess what you think or want. You can only be disappointed. It’s up to you to say things clearly.

Emotional life Your relationship with your partner, or a family member, is not very serene at the moment (3e decan). Obviously, you have a lot on your heart and you need to empty your bag.


May 21-June 21

Social life You can’t always impose your ideas on the first try. Don’t give up. It may simply be enough to find a new point of view to convince.

Emotional life Try to be a little less direct and a little more subtle in your way of seducing. This will prevent the other from feeling rushed or rushed. This will increase your chances of achieving (3e decan).

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