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VIDEO – Here are your predictions for the week, for each sign of the zodiac. The astrologer gives you your perspectives in love, wealth, work, family and health.

The sky constantly comes alive. The planets have always been moving and will move forever. They relate to the planets in your chart and form aspects that are interpreted and described in your horoscope.*

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August 23-September 23

Social life A wind of optimism should blow over your sign, and more precisely over the natives of the 2e decan! Some will get a sort of p while others will be planning a nice trip.

Emotional life You will sometimes lack objectivity on a relational level. You will indeed tend to attribute to your loved ones, or to people you meet, qualities that they do not possess. Stay clear-headed.


September 23-October 23

Social life Still a little patience. The Sun occupies your sector of shadow and withdrawal until the 23rd. Its energies invite you to take a step back and be more in observation (3e decan).

Emotional life Your friends could play matchmaker and introduce you to someone you’ll immediately like (2e decan). Things will move very (or even too) quickly between the two of you.


October 23-November 23

Social life Discussions and negotiations will be in the spotlight, particularly for the 2e decan. There is a chance that the turn of events will be very favorable to you. Have confidence in yourself.

Emotional life Do you have someone in your sights? With the presence of Mars (the planet of action) in a sector of your zodiac that evokes pivity, it would be better to wait before acting. Do not rush.


November 23-December 22

Social life You will gradually emerge from the fog in which you are immersed. The understanding and caring attitude of a colleague, a neighbor or a caregiver will have something to do with it.

Emotional life These are the natives of 2e decan who benefit from the warm influxes of Venus (attributed to love). The sweet planet has occupied your sector of joy since June… Encounters of all kinds are encouraged.


December 22-January 20

Social life This is a week that will bring you positive things, at all levels! You have the wind in your sails and few obstacles in your way. Take advantage of this to fire on all cylinders (born around January 7).

Emotional life You may not realize it, but you are a real rock to those around you. Your loved ones rely heavily on you. A little too much even! You should let them fend for themselves from time to time.


January 20-February 19

Social life Your greatest strength will be your enthusiasm! You will be a real breath of fresh air for those who come into contact with you on a daily basis. The best remedy against stress and gloom.

Emotional life Are you about to truly commit to your loved one? The harmony between Venus (love) and Mars (planet of action) suggests a form of formalization in your sentimental life.

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February 19-March 20

Social life We could make you a very interesting proposition (2e decan). It really deserves your careful consideration. And don’t put too much emphasis on insignificant details.

Emotional life Try being a little more demonstrative with the people you love. If you’re not comfortable with big outbursts, there are plenty of other ways to show them how you feel.


March 20-April 20

Social life Mars, planet of action, continues its journey in Libra and is now interested in your 2e decan. It is by being in conciliation that you will achieve your objectives. Don’t force anything!

Emotional life The situation is always very flattering for your ego. Compliments on your physique, or on the success of one of your loved ones, will be the origin of this very pleasant climate for many of you.


April 20-May 21

Social life Are you waiting for a response or a result? You can have good hope, the harmony between Mercury (exchanges) and Jupiter (expansion) is indeed a harbinger of very good news for the 2e decan.

Emotional life If you are at odds with a member of your family, now is the time to try to reconcile and make amends (3e decan). Don’t hesitate to take the first step.


May 21-June 20

Social life There may be a page to turn, in your head or in reality. And it’s not as easy as it seems. Show indulgence and kindness towards yourself.

Emotional life Venus, the planet of feelings, and Mars, the planet of desire, are in harmony all week… This bodes very well for those of you who are looking for love (native of 2e decan).


June 21-July 23

Social life You will have great facilities in the field of communication. Not only will your interlocutors listen to you attentively, but your ideas will also be highly appreciated. Be proactive (2e decan).

Emotional life A small family disagreement may upset you. If you show the other person that you are open to discussion, things should get better quickly.


July 23-August 23

Social life It is through tenacity and perseverance that you will eventually get what you want. Now is not the time to give up or let down your guard, on the contrary! Your efforts will soon be rewarded (2e decan).

Emotional life All the lights are green in your personal life! As a couple or single, you should feel good in your sneakers. A flirtation is even possible.

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