Your free horoscope sign by sign from September 9 to 15, 2023 by Christine Haas –

VIDEO – Here are your predictions for the week, for each sign of the zodiac. The astrologer gives you your outlook on love, wealth, work, family and health.

Permanently, the sky comes alive. The planets have always moved and will move forever. They relate to the planets in your chart and form aspects that are interpreted and described in your horoscope.

Every week, find your free horoscope with Christine Haas (Instagram: @chrishaasoff) on the website of Figaro with TVMagazine .

March 20-April 20
Social life To say you will be overwhelmed is an understatement. Do your best and try not to stress yourself over details you won’t even remember in a few days (3e decan).
Emotional life The atmosphere is rewarding (especially 2nd decan). The success of a loved one, probably a child or your spouse, will make you proud. Unless someone pulls out all the stops to seduce you?

April 20-May 21
Social life Your creations will be in the spotlight and will earn you compliments. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas, especially those that are off the beaten track… They will be unanimous.
Emotional life Are you preparing to receive people at your home, for a birthday for example? In any case, your sense of family will be accentuated by the situation. And you will, as always, be keen to do well.

May 21-June 21
Social life It’s not the easiest week of the year (3e decan). You will be, for many, in the dark. Do not try to find solutions for the moment. You will end up seeing things more clearly after September 20th.
Emotional life You will be in a playful mood with the people you meet. If you just want to feel like you and aren’t looking for a serious relationship, be honest.

June 21-July 23
Social life The solicitations will come from all sides. So much so that you won’t know where to turn (3e decan). Unfortunately, we will have to make choices and postpone certain appointments.
Emotional life A person close to you will make you understand, half-word, that you are a little too intrusive (2e decan). Don’t turn a deaf ear, give him space.

July 23-August 23
Social life If you plan to buy or sell a property (movable or real estate), it is better to wait until September 23 to finalize this transaction. Otherwise, read the documents carefully.
Emotional life There is movement (finally!) in your sentimental life. A relationship, which had been in the dark for several weeks, is likely to materialize. As a couple, emphasize your complicity (2e decan).

August 23-September 23
Social life The Sun, in your sign, faces troubling Neptune… Beware of promises that are too good to be true (3e decan). And be careful not to idealize the people you meet too much.
Emotional life Is there someone you like and who makes you fantasize a lot? Come out of your reserve, put your shyness aside and don’t be afraid to take the first step. After all, you have nothing to lose.

September 23-October 23
Social life You will tend to worry about a loved one, as always, you will tell me. Stay rational and keep reason. Your imagination may indeed play tricks on you (3e decan).
Emotional life You will need space and freedom. Listen to yourself and too bad if your partner doesn’t like it. It is important that you are aligned with yourself (2e decan).

October 23-November 22
Social life Your future will be at the center of your concerns, with some of you yearning for significant changes. Talk about it with your friends, they will have good advice for you (born around November 15).
Emotional life There is, it seems, a rather pionate side to your sentimental life (2e decan). With all the positives and negatives that this may entail. Singles might have a crush.

November 22-December 22
Social life You are not at the top of your motivation (3e decan). And you don’t take it well, because you’re quite an enterprising person. Be indulgent, these are things that happen to everyone.
Emotional life Sweet Venus sends you fulfilling influxes from the friendly sign of Leo. Whether you are single or in a relationship, you should feel warmly surrounded, especially 2nd decan.

December 22-January 20
Social life You are one of the signs that will do well in the astral game. You will even have the opportunity to shine and show the extent of your skills. Do not deprive yourself of it!
Emotional life Since Venus (love) entered Leo on June 5, have you been able to spice up your emotional relationships? The situation invites you to do so. So let go and let your desires guide you.

January 20-February 19
Social life You will be able to overcome all obstacles, big and small, thanks to your tremendous energy and contagious optimism. You will prove, once again, how positive attracts positive.
Emotional life If you are looking for a soul mate, accept all invitations and give yourself the opportunity to meet new people. Your charm will do the rest, don’t doubt it (2e decan).

February 19-March 20
Social life Misunderstandings and misunderstandings will be commonplace. So are errors in judgement. The best way not to make mistakes is to practice your critical thinking (3e decan).
Emotional life A close relative (brother, sister, cousin, uncle, aunt) might ask you for a favor. Think twice before saying yes, especially if you are 2e decan. And don’t forget to consider your own constraints.

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